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Retired Racehorse Becomes Adoptive Father

After being a racehorse his entire life, Max got retired and suddenly everything went in wrong direction. He was waiting to be slaughtered after ending up in a “kill pen”. Lucky for him, Cyndi Davis from 3 Sisters Equine Refuge has noticed him and wanted to help him. A day before Max’s birthday he was free to go, thanks to Cyndi and the arrangements she made for his rescue!

As Davis said, Max is the most friendly and kind horse she has ever met. He is simple and loves to hang out with everyone and the look on his face shows how much he’s grateful to be alive. One day, Max met Winnie the Poo, a little orphan who has really suffered until she came at the rescue. Though she had some adjusting problems because of her health issues, after a while she connected with others.

Poo has been introduced to few mother horses candidates, but she didn’t manage to bond with any of them. Then, the rescuers have decided to introduce her to Max and since then, Max and Poo are together all the time. It turned out that Max and Poo are a perfect match, and he became her adoptive father!

They look amazing together! Max is taking great care for Poo and she doesn’t want to separate from him. They’ve found comfort in each other and love is all they need!

Nai-post ni 3 Sisters Equine Refuge noong Martes, Hunyo 13, 2017

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