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Blissfully Happy Donkey Swaying In A Hammock

Your jaw may drop while you watch the following video. That family really have found the best possible use for hammock. What comes on your mind when you first think of a hammock? We bet that most of you immediately thought of a sunny weather, a fresh cocktail and some nice breeze! Who would not want that?! That’s the best thing you can do for hours during the summer, but it looks like the people from the video below had a different idea when it comes to hammocks. Check out the video!

Their idea was to put the donkey in that hammock and let him enjoy while swaying from side to side. That’s quite a dangerous operation and our question is, how much beer do you need to drink to do a thing like that?! We guess a lot of it, but luckily their action ended up fine and nobody has been hurt, because as you know donkeys have strong legs and kicks!

Just look at that donkey laying in the hammock…he is having a moment of bliss. It looks like the donkey from the video is their family member- their pet. So apart from the alcohol we also think that children dared the parents to do this, don’t you think?!

Donkeys are well-known for their stubbornness and hopefully every family member had the chance to lay in that hammock and didn’t have to use the floor to rest their backs. In our opinion they might have some hard time to get that donkey off the hammock. Share it just for fun with other animal lovers!

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