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Critical Points That Mean Horses Have Become A Family Member

Horses and kids are a perfect match. If your kid is a horse rider at some point you’ll become aware that horses have become a part of your family. In the text below will mention some of the signs that show how present are horses in your everyday life thanks to your kid.

– When you kid starts to dress like a professional for his riding class that’s a sign that he is really into “the game”;

– He insists on going to his riding lesson though the weather outside is not so good for riding;

– It’s his birthday party and he invites just the frineds that he rides with;

-You’ve cleaned your vehicle, but it still smells like manure, saddle pads and leather;

– Your kid doesn’t want to brush his hair, but when it comes to horse’s tail he knows how to make every type of braid;

– He forgets his homework most of the time, but he can perfectly memorize each course at the horse show;

– You open Instagram and you see a picture of your kid and its horse shared from the horse’s account! Your kid has made him an Instagram account and they leave comments below their pictures;

– Your washing machine is full of horsehair.

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