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Heart B Dyna Is The First Mule To Compete At The US Dressage Finals- Spectacular!

Maybe one of the most thrilling horse shows are the dressage competitions. People love this spectacular shows and are happy to be part of it. There is something exciting about them, don’t you agree?!

The video that you’re about to see shows something extraordinary that most of you haven’t experienced yet. A mule named Heart B Dyna has been part of a dressage competition and that has been the first time for a mule to compete in dressage!

The loving mule has been ridden by Laura Hermanson and the pair has done a great work during the US Dressage Finals. The barricade has been exceeded and the audience really enjoyed the show.

That mule has made a huge impact in the horse world and has shown to everyone that dressage is suitable even for mules. Her demonstration had positive influence and things won’t ever be the same in the dressage discipline. The rider has also done a great job, giving her best to guide the mule through their dressage performance.

Talent and lots of hard-work, that’s what its all about when it comes to the pair from the video footage. Its not an easy thing to work with a mule and it takes a lot of patience and practice until the final success!

We must say that there is bright future in front of Heart B Dyna, because she has developed some great skills and shows lots of interest. During the US Dressage Finals, both of them have shown how talented and different they are, and we hope to see more progress and bigger scores in the upcoming period.

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