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Miron Bococi Can Make His Horse Dance To The Rhythm- Spectacular Video!

What you are about to experience while watching the video footage beneath this text, might be something you’ve never seen in your life. And it’s the most spectacular, sensational, magical free style horse show that any horse fan could ever imagine!

The horse world is lucky to have some amazing horse trainers and this one might be the best of the best.  Miron Bococi is the name of this talented free style horse trainer and clearly, he has dedicate himself to training and loving this amazing creatures. His connection with the horse is based on love and understanding, and that’s why he is so successful in what he does. People even call him the “horse whisperer”, because he can make the horse do magical things and dance like a professional.

It’s fantastic to watch how Miron communicates with the horse in the video below, and how they dance and do tricks together. They are best friends and together they can achieve anything. How they dance in harmony is only a sign that they have a perfect bond which should be an example to everyone.

Miron is one of a kind horse trainer and we must say that his horse dances much better than many people do. What a great couple, don’t you agree?! Incredible video footage, gorgeous horse and talented horse trainer! If you agree with us, spread the positive energy with other horse fans.

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