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Equine Treadmills Are Useful For The Horse’s Development

What you are about to see in the video footage beneath this text is amazing and quite interesting. Justin the horse has been thought a lesson on the equine treadmill by a group of International pony club riders. Its been a part of a tour of the vet clinic at the Massey University.

The researchers wanted to find out how the horse breathes during its stride- to study locomotive-respiratory coupling. Also they wanted to gather more informations about the horse’s gait and by using the treadmill they could improve their research for sure!

There’ ve been all kinds of comments and many people disagree, saying that this horse is sweating to much, that this activity is not good for him and what would have happened if he fell?! There is nothing to worry about, because equine treadmills have been used especially for horse’s development, rehabilitation and maintenance. Highly-innovative equine treadmill products are used for horse training.

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