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The Historic Omni Mount Washington Hotel Offers An Incredible Sleigh Ride

Imagine having a romantic evening sleigh ride with a gorgeous Belgium horse! Well, a loving couple had an experience like that and they’ve wanted to share with other horse lovers. It was their anniversary and they wanted to celebrate it in a special way. So, they visited the Historic Omni Mount Washington Hotel, in New Hampshire. For your information, that place offers a lot of things- spa, skiing, canopy skiing…and of course, sleigh ride!

This place has been lucky to have an owner like Carolyn Foster, who was a horse person, so she didn’t allowed cars to approach the hotel. She only used horses and carriages, and after all these years, horses are still the key part of this grand hotel.

Nowadays, the hotel uses the horses for a family-friendly activity and offers rides in summer and winter. Also, they have a program for kids, through which they can meet some extraordinary horses.

Luke Thorn works nearly 14 years as a stable master and he is the one who takes care for the horses. He also drives the sleigh and that’s how that loving couple have met him. They had a ride with Luke and a 23-year-old Belgium horse, named Ralph. As the sun went down, they started their epic sleigh ride by entering the woods. It was dark and a bit scarry, but there was nothing to worry about. Ralph has been a well-trained horse and he knew evey step of the trail.

The couple really enjoyed the sleigh ride and to them it has been a lifetime experience. If you enjoyed while reading this post, feel free to re-post to other horse fans that might be interested.

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