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Dramatic Story Of A Wild Foal

The wilderness has its own beauty, but we can not deny that its hard to live in a wild place. Surviving is the hardest part when you live in the wild, don’t you agree?! The video footage beneath this text its quite touching and shocking for the horse lovers. Its about a foal who is having a hard time and his life has just began.

Clearly, the adorable foal can’t stand on her back legs. Though she is trying very hard and her mother is making efforts to get her up, she simply can’t move. Time passes by and the stallion also came to help them solve the problem. But the outcome is another defeat. All attempts are useless and the foal looked so hopeless. Her mother looks so sad because of her baby’s sad destiny.

Unfortunately, the herd had to move on and that poor foal could not follow them. What happens next is terrible and that scene can be disturbing for those who are a huge horse fans, But that’s how things work in the wild. The stallion only did what’s for the best of the foal. The wilderness is cruel and only the strongest survive.

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