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Gorgeous Mare Stuck In The Window Of A Horse Trailer- Amazing Rescue!

The video footage beneath this text is another prove that miracles can happen. This is an amazing rescue, because most of the people thought that it won’t end up well!

Grace the mare got stuck in the window of a horse trailer and all hopes were gone, because she could not go back or even move. Her owners were away for only few minutes and when they got back they’ve found her like that. They’ve tried everything to get her out, even used an excavator, because they didn’t want to harm Grace.

The mare was incredible during the whole time and apparently, she saved herself. Her owner, Megan Cook, shared that they didn’t have an open window in the trailer, somehow Grace managed to jump ans destroy it. At the end, the mare just went back in, without suffering any serious injuries. She had few cuttings and because of that there was bleeding, but nothing serious.

According to her owners, Grace is fine and she will recover very soon. They are so thankful for rescuing her and that she is healthy.

EDIT: for everyone thinking we had an open window on the trailer, NO, the divider was up, she jumped through it anyways and completely destroyed it! Thank GOD we got her out. She is going to be just fine just bleeding!!!!

Nai-post ni Megan Cook noong Sabado, Hulyo 29, 2017

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