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Cute Donkey Getting Excited – Adorable Video!

Donkeys can be funny, same as horses. Look what this small donkey does when he sees his new friends. The video footage beneath this text is so funny, because that donkey’s reaction is priceless!

Murray the little donkey has experienced a moment of happiness when he met his new friends. We believe that most of you haven’t seen a reaction like his. He enjoyed so much and could not hide that.

He started screaming the moment he saw them and he could not control his excitement. During the entire video clip, Murray was happy, cheerful and so glad to see his friends. Adorable donkey, don’t you agree?!

Most of you might be surprised from the emotions that this donkey is showing off, but that’s how animals are, believe it or not. They can get even more emotional than people are in some situations. Enjoy in this donkey’s happy moment and spread some positiveness to other animal fans!

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