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Stop Your Horse From Wind Sucking – Helpful Tip!

In this text will share with you an experience that Swanspool Equine Veterinary Clinic recently had. Its something that will help you a lot in the future- a simple cribbing solution!

You’ll wish you found sooner about this, but don’t worry and keep this on mind. Most horse owner’s don’t have to worry about a vice like cribbing. However, you can try this solution if you have a horse who cribs. Its a great one and it works!

The Swanspool Equine Veterinary Clinic has found out about this idea while they were visiting one of their clients. Their horse has been completely stopped from cribbing after they’ve attached a broom end to the stable door.

They shared this experience on their facebook page right away, because they thought it would be a great tip for every horse owner. Its good to use this sort of solution because that will protect your horse’s teeth. Its a really bad habit and that’s why you should all try to stop your horse from wind sucking. Always look for what’s best for your horse and take good care of him!

We thought we'd share a top tip from a client we saw yesterday. Using the broom end attached to the stable door has…

Posted by Swanspool Equine Veterinary Clinic on miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

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