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Neglected Mustang Found With Overgrown Hooves

Pat Inns from Corning, California, posted two photos of a neglected horse on her facebook page. She only wanted to help that horse, who has been pastured at the corner of McLane Ave and Alfareta Ln, and had a broken leg and overgrown hooves. It was shocking to see that horse in such a terrible condition.

She wanted to find the owner of the horse and that’s why she started looking for answers and called the Sherrif’s Department. Clearly, they knew about the abandoned mustang, but nobody has done anything about it.

Cheyenne was the name of the mustang and she has been part of The Mustang Project. In 2015 they’ve rescued her from slaughter and allegedly she has been injured since then. Her broken leg didn’t heal properly and instead of giving her the treatment she needed, The Mustang Project left her like that with a small herd of horses.

She has been found in a pasture surrounded with a barbed and her health condition got even worse than it was before. For two years she was neglected and as you can see from the pictures beneath this text, her healt deterirated through those years.

Animal Control has visited the home of Cheyenne and her owners wanted to stay anonymous. According to them, they’ve called the vet for Cheyenne’s treatment and as they said, she was in that condition since she arrived at their property.

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