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Police Horse Left Without Food Or Water For 16 Hours!

A police horse has developed colic and had to be put down to sleep. Unfortunately, a Denver Police Department mounted watch officer, Joseph Teeter, forgot about his partner who was tied up in his stall and went to finish his paper work. The horse had no food or water and he was tired after working whole day. He was left like that for almost 16 hours!

Officer Joseph Teeter has been part of the Denver Mounted Police since 2006 and Denver police internal investigators don’t believe that he did this on purpose. Also, veterinarians could not find the reason for the horse’s illness. They were not sure if he developed colic because he was tied for so many hours without proper care or food.

A disciplinary letter has been send to Teeter, saying that he violated a department rule. He left MC Hammer heedlessly and his forgetfulness exposed MC Hammer to extreme conditions. They were out all day, working on high temperatures and that horse must be very exhausted and hungry. According to the letter, Teeter has been distracted by the paper work and forgot about his partner who he left in the mounted patrol barn.

Teetter is still part of the Mounted Police and he took responsibility for what he’s done. He shared that he feels horrible for the terrible lost of MC Hammer, because he loved that horse-he was his partner!

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