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Mare Euthanized After Developing Severe Colic!

Unfortunately, a horse has developed colic and because of that it had to be euthanized. The case has attracted a lot of attention after the Wolfe Equine Services have posted pictures who are considered to be disturbing. That 17-years-old mare had to be put down to sleep because she suffered from a severe colic.

Clearly she has been bleeding out, because the mass had caused a vessel to rupture internally and her gums were pale white. The necropsy has shown some shocking results! Here we’ll share some photos that show what they’ve found inside that poor mare.

Her right ovary had developed into 40 lbs granulosa theca cell tumor. As the veterinarian said, this has been the largest ovarian tumor he has ever seen and because of its size it was applying tension to the soft tissue structures internally.

This mare has been suffering for a long time, that’s why we have to learn about this animals all the time and try to provide them the best treatment. That’s at least what they deserve. We have so much to learn about them as you can see from this case.

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