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This Horse Hates Water – Rider In Danger!

Most of the horses love water, especially on a hot summer day when they need to cool off. One thing is for sure- when a horse likes something he will express that and same happens when something is not right for him. That’s what has happened in the video footage beneath this text!

This horse probably do not like water or having anything with it. He doesn’t want to touch it or to go inside the water. He is having a problem, we must say. His rider is patient and calm, and tries to relax the horse. Somehow, the horse started walking through the water, but things got even worse than they were before.

The rider was in serious danger the moment that horse jumped inside the water.  A hard task was in front of her and she really showed some great skills and managed not to fall off the horse. He jumped hard and she had to be strong to pull the reins in order to stop the horse.

The poor horse might have been in big pain during that moment, but everything has happened very fast and clearly this rider did not have much time to think how to react. It can happen to anyone and that’s why every rider should be well prepared!

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Posted by Passion Equestre on viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

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