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Extraordinary Horse Breeds That Will Amaze You!

Horses are incredible creatures and there  is a huge list of horse breeds, and types. What we think is that you may not be familiar with the list of horses that we are about to mention in the text and video footage below. These are gorgeous horses that will amaze you with their appearance, because they are one of a kind and not that popular!

  1. AKHAL- TEKE HORSE. These horses are known as the super-models of the horse world. Their unique coat color makes them special and good-looking. Also, they are athletic and have shown great results in jumping, endure racing, and dressage.
  2. BASHKIR CURLY HORSE. These horses have curly hair and can be found in many sizes- from miniature horse to normal draft horse.
  3. THE BLACK FOREST HORSE. These horses can only be seen in the Black Region Forest in Southern Germany. This breed is endangered and currently there are about 750 of these horses. They are special because of their mane which is very long and looks like a human hair.
  4. THE CAMARGUE. These horses live in the wild in the Camargue area in Southern France. They are free and beautiful and tourists love to take photos of them.
  5. THE EXMOOR PONY. Amazing pony with natural characteristics which protects them, because some of them still live in the wild. They have a thick coat with oily hairs that will repel waters and snow.
  6. FALABELLA PONY. They are tiny and were imported in the USA from Argentina. Mostly they are used as guide animals for people who are physically disabled.
  7. THE NORWEGIAN FJORD. This breed is unique because of its color and the extraordinary mane. These horses are extremely strong and athletic!

10 Beautiful Horse Breeds

While I love the horses in this video, I wonder if it was made by an actual horse person. Last time I checked there wasn’t a breed called the “over muscled horse” and those horses in the video didn’t look “chemically altered” – most were absolutely beautiful! Also, the main photo – there’s no way that’s real! Nevertheless, I still loved this video because every horse was beautiful in their own unique way.

I wish I could have one of each. Share this on Facebook if you do too!

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