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Horse Injured In A Car Accident!

An accident happened in Nottinghamshire, England, and luckily nobody got seriously injured. Elderly driver rammed his silver Nissan into teen and his horse. Seline Damar, a 19-year-old horse rider was out on the road with her horse Spot, when the vehicle rammed into Spot’s back. The person was driving quite fast down the road and by good fortune Damar managed not to fall on the ground!

The driver of the silver Nissan was ding 40mph and he but the blame on Damar for causing the accident. He stopped the car and started blaming her, but she knew that she did not do anything wrong. She was riding on the correct side of the road and had her reflective gear with her. The thing was that, he got to close to her and Spot, and that was the reason for the accident.

Spot had a few injuries and a vet was called right away. The vet sedated the horse in order to provide him a proper treatment. Spot is now recovering at the Nottingham Trent University. He will be fine soon.

No arrest has been made and the case is under police investigation. In the collision the car suffered huge damage.

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