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Baby Horse Walking With Special Shoes!

A baby horse had a walking problems, but thanks to the veterinarians at Purdue University’s Large Animal Hospital, that horse has nothing to worry about. They made special  shoes for Jet the baby horse an now he can walk perfectly!

Jet’s mother had some issues and that’s why her owners took her to gave birth in the hospital. They were not sure if they can handle the situation on their own and luckily everything went well during the birth process. Doctor Gillian Haanen took care of the mare and she was doing great.

Unfortunately, the baby horse had a problem with his bilateral limbs and his hind limbs. He had flexural limb deformity and the vets at the Purdue University’s Large Animal Hospital started an investigation over Jet’s case. They were making efforts to help that little horse walk.

Luckily, they’ve done a great job and helped Jet to have a normal life. They managed to put some extensions on his legs and they were quite helpful. But you can never guess what has happened next. We share with you a video footage wit Jet, so prepare yourself for a big surprise!

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