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How To Load A Pony Into A Trailer?! Funny Video!

The end of the video clip beneath this text would be a big surprise for all of you and you will laugh a lot for sure!

The story is about a cute, but very naughty pony who doesn’t want to get inside the trailer. His owner tries to find a way to solve the problem, but it seems that her efforts are useless. She gives few simple solutions and here are the results. It is a comedy video and most of you know how it feels to own a cute pony. Because of their wonderful nature, this horses are allowed to do anything. They can sit around all day, every day and simply do nothing!

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why owners have problems when they need to trailer their pony. The woman from the video clip first tries to pull in her pony, but clearly that don’t work. Then she tries to push in the pony, but she had to try something else, because her pony was not responding on her commands.

On her third attempt she tried to pick up the pony, because she thought that it won’t be hard to do that with a small sized horse. She also tried to make him get into the trailer by using some food, treats, and she even called her friend to come over for help. What happened next was hilarious!

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