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Incredible Surgery At The Pioneer Equine Hospital!

In California’s central valley near Oakdale, CA, Pioneer Equine Hospital is located. This hospital has nestled between the foothills of the Sierra Mountains and the valley’s vast agricultural landscape, back in 1973. Two veterinarians, Dr. Britton and Dr. Black had an idea to form the premier equine veterinary clinic which would be the most recognized equine hospital!

They have managed to built the hospital for their foremost work in equine surgery and lameness, and since then they have been successful in their work. They are good because of the care they can provide and the atmosphere they are creating. What is more important is that, diverse population of equine disciplines is welcomed to Pioneer Equine Hospital.

Newly the clinic has constructed 22,000 square foot full service equine hospital. This one has something more advanced to offer to patients and now has ten veterinarians. These days, Pioneer Equine Hospital has the most advanced lameness, surgical, and diagnostic imaging on the west coast and also has two spacious surgical suites, and an extensive covered lameness evaluation area!

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