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Never Give Up On Your Horse! Amazing Recovery!

Horses deserve to be treated kindly, because they’ve been always kind to us. The horse from this story had an amazing recovery thanks to its loving owner.

Taylor Surgeon could not imagine what was going to happen when she went for a ride with her gorgeous horse, Paula. The two of them had a horrible accident and as it looked that was probably their last ride together. Paula was caught under paddock fence and with a help from the barn owner Taylor managed to set her horse free. Unfortunately, Paula could not rise up and nothing could be done!

A vet came at the scene right away and examined Paula. As he said, Paula’s back legs were not functional, though they were not injured. The horse had to be put under medical treatment because during the accident her spine has been injured.

Despite the medical care, there wasn’t any improvement and Paula could not walk. Taylor could not decide what to do and people were telling her to put Paula to sleep. She didn’t want to give up, so she brought Paula back to her stall on a big wood slab. The two of them decided to battle and Paula stood up again in the first 24 hours. A long recovery was in front of her, but the results were amazing thanks to her brave owner!

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