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4 Helpful Ways For Preventing Equine Colic!

One of the most responsible causes for horse deaths is colic. It’s life threatening disease and horse owners must learn how to act proactive to reduce or avoid colic. We will try to mention few important ways that can be helpful in preventing and lowering the risk for equine colic, because the cause can be rarely diagnosed.

Remember all of this helpful tips and protect your horse from suffering. These animals deserve to be happy and loved, because they enjoy being around us and would do anything if you treat them kindly!

– AVOID DEHYDRATION. Always have on mind the weather and loss from sweat, and feed loose salt. Correct sodium balance is necessary for proper thirst response and body water equilibrium.

– FEED YOUR HORSE FROM GROUND LEVEL. It allows the jaw bone to go down and forward in the atlantoaxial and temporomandibular joints.

– MAKE ROUTINE DENTAL EXAMS. If something is wrong with your horses’ mouth, that will cause him pain and discourage the needed chew time. Next, his proper digestion will be determined and colic or choke will appear.

– USE CLEAN WATER, BUCKETS AND TUBS. Clean them on daily basis and when it comes to water treat your horse like you treat yourself.

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