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You’re a Horse Lover When…

Check out these funny one-liners to determine if you’re a horse lover.

  • Your school book report is on the Dover Saddlery catalog.
  • You hurt your foot and tell your friends you came up lame.
  • You are elated when a nice pair of jeans is ripped or stained because you just gained a new pair of comfortable riding jeans!
  • You see a great looking guy riding a horse and only notice the horse.
  • You lean forward as your car goes over a speed bump.
  • The only shoes you have are covered in mud and manure.
  • You quickly hop out of bed at 5am to head to a big horse show when just the day before you hit the snooze alarm over and over until you were late for work.
  • You tie your tennis shoes in a quick release knot.
  • You walk behind your car and touch it so it knows you are there.
  • You’d rather muck stalls than clean your house.
  • You go on vacation and call twice a day to check on the horses and forget to ask about the kids.
  • You see a golf course and think about how that would make great pastureland.
  • Towing capacity and wheel base are more important to you than gas mileage.
  • Your friends and family check the barn before the house to see if you are home.
  • You refer to your bedroom as your stall.
  • You’re spending more money on hay to make your horse “go” than gas for your car.
  • You’re the only girl on your block whose favorite shoes are a pair of muck boots.
  • Your hair style is determined by how well it’ll fit underneath a helmet.
  • All the “good carrots” are saved for your horse but the “bad carrots” go into the pot of stew you’re fixing for dinner.
  • You cut your finger and you have to run out to the tackroom because that’s where all your first aid supplies are located.
  • When there’s just as much horse hair on your clothes as on your horse.
  • You say “whoa” as you hit your car brakes.
  • Your horse’s shampoo is more expensive than your human shampoo.
  • Your horse gets his dinner before your kids do.
  • You go to the supermarket in your breeches and boots.
  • Your horse’s stable is spotless and your house is always a mess.
  • Your veterinarian is number one on your speed dial and your husband is number two.

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