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Baby Horse Walking With Special Shoes!

A baby horse had a walking problems, but thanks to the veterinarians at Purdue University’s Large Animal Hospital, that horse has nothing to worry about. They made special  shoes for Jet the baby horse an now he can walk perfectly! Jet’s mother had some issues and that’s why her owners …

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Horse Injured In A Car Accident!

An accident happened in Nottinghamshire, England, and luckily nobody got seriously injured. Elderly driver rammed his silver Nissan into teen and his horse. Seline Damar, a 19-year-old horse rider was out on the road with her horse Spot, when the vehicle rammed into Spot’s back. The person was driving quite …

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Dressage Horse Freaks Out!

We all know that in dressage it’s about judging each little step and movement. Anyone who has a dressage horse likely experienced a situation when the horse just “freaks out” and instead of being elegant and in control he just jumping around. A freak out like in the video below …

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