Incredible Surgery At The Pioneer Equine Hospital!

In California’s central valley near Oakdale, CA, Pioneer Equine Hospital is located. This hospital has nestled between the foothills of the Sierra Mountains and the valley’s vast agricultural landscape, back in 1973. Two veterinarians, Dr. Britton and Dr. Black had an idea to form the premier equine veterinary clinic which …

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Horse Falling At Whitehall London!

The situation from the video footage beneath this text does not often happen at Whitehall London, but horses can be unpredictable and you never know what will happen next. Clearly, something has been bothering this horse and during guard change he reared and fell. That guard has shown what a …

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Baby Horse Walking With Special Shoes!

A baby horse had a walking problems, but thanks to the veterinarians at Purdue University’s Large Animal Hospital, that horse has nothing to worry about. They made special  shoes for Jet the baby horse an now he can walk perfectly! Jet’s mother had some issues and that’s why her owners …

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