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The Calming Energy Of Horses

Horses have powerfull effects on people, we must admit that. They are incredible creatures capable of doing some amazing things! Horses have played a key role in human progress. When humankind first tamed the horse it opened up increased mobility – don’t forget up until then we were confined to …

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Chicken “Roost” On A Horse’s Head

One day when Nancy Elwood from Elk City, Oklahoma went to check on her horse, Rocky, she has been shocked from a thing that she has discovered! Something huge has been formed on her horse’s head, but as she approached him she’s noticed that it has been a chicken. Rocky’s …

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Wild Foal Crying For Help

In the following video you’ll witness the strong connection between a wild foal and her mother. So have a closer look because what you’re about to see is something incredible! That wild foal has been distressed after her mother’s back hoof got stucked in a matted tangle of her mane. …

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Horse Jumps Over SUV After He Got Loose

Nicolas Touzaint, born 10 May 1980 is a French professional horserider specialising in three-day eventing. He was born into a family already known for its performance in equestrianism: his father, Jean-Yves Touzaint, was champion of France eventing in 1975 and 1976. His uncle, Thierry Touzaint, is a national coach in …

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